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About Author:

Diwan By Design was born in 2011 by Sneh Diwan as a travel blog to keep her friends and family updated through her own adventure of eat, pray, love. When back from her trip, Diwan By Design became another creative outlet to share the things she enjoyed- fashion, food, and travel- while working full time in the fashion industry.

The blog took a short hiatus while Sneh went off to plan and organize her wedding to her college sweetheart. Through this process, she realized that she has always been an organizer by heart and lover of all things creative.

Sneh took her organizing and creative outlet into her everyday life, helping her friends arrange their own personal closets, style them, and assist with wedding preparations for their big day. One thing lead to another and Diwan By Design has evolved into a full service blog that offers Organizing, Styling, and Day-Of Wedding Coordination for those who need a positive and stylish boost!


We were super excited that she has selected us to be her memory catchers for her big day. Below is the post that has been published on her blog written by herself.

To see more of her work and contact her for all your needs, please check out her website

Engagement Pictures

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Everybody has a different reason to take engagement photos. While it is not mandatory, it is suggested for many reasons. It could be a way to announce your engagement or for us, it was the "practice" round of photos before the big day. It not only allows the photographer to get to know the couple and their angles, but also for you and your partner to get comfortable with the camera and the photographer. Before I got into blogging, I was pretty shy in front of the camera, more along the lines of awkward. Of course, I am still awkward but much better about being myself and getting comfortable in front of the camera. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find not only the right photographer but one that will make you feel like you, in this case, like us. Our amazing photography team from Fine Arts Productions, husband and wife, Amish and Chirali Thakkar, did just that. They allowed us to bring out our personalities and captured those moments in a short amount of time.

Since weather was not in our favor leading up to our wedding day (hey, we live in NYC, anything could happen), our engagement shoot was pushed out and we decided to do it right before our Sangeet (a big traditional Indian party two or three days before wedding). We worked with our surroundings and decided to to get ourselves familiar with the camera and the team. Chirali and Amish were patient and encouraging and really allowed us to loosen up. We were being silly, laughing, and after a few shots, it was like we were in our own world! This not only helped during our actual wedding day, but assured us that we had picked the right people to count on for our big event. Check out their facebook page for more examples of their work as well as their website. I will be sharing more pictures from my wedding day and reception this weekend! Stay tuned and enjoy!

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