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Hyatt Ziva Cancun | Indian Wedding - Sonali & Vivek by Fine Art Production

The story for these two love birds began in Houston a few years ago...Jersey boy, Vivek, had moved to Houston for his amazing Radiology residency at Baylor. Chicago gal, Sonali, had also moved to Houston around the same time for her Emergency Medicine residency at UT Houston.

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Hyatt Ziva Indian Wedding Sonali & Vivek Wedding Film:

One night, one of Vivek and Sonali's mutual friends, Riddhi, invited Vivek to come out with her so he can meet some new Houstonians! Vivek came out that night and that’s when he first met Sonali.

Right then and there, Vivek wanted to get to know her more. * Insert Bollywood song and dance sequence*. At the end of the night, he asked Riddhi, "whose that Emergency Medicine resident friend of yours?" in which Riddhi responded, " who Sonali? Why do you ask? …You interested? ;)".

Over the span of almost a year, Vivek had not forgotten about Sonali. He would occasionally ask about her in which Riddhi would always respond, "She’s a great girl Vivek, but the time is not right yet. Your time will come".

Then, that time finally came. A couple of Sonali's friends were hanging out and brought up the idea of "Vivek". Sonali's friends needed to be creative on how they would convince her to meet this amazing guy. They mentioned a few of the great things about him: he was in the army, a radiology resident, always interested in trying new things, etc.

Vivek was more introverted, whereas Sonali was more extroverted. Their personalities were complete opposites, but their values, lifestyles, and interests matched perfectly. They seemed like the right fit. Sonali liked what she heard, so as her friends were talking about how great this guy is for her, Sonali, with her detective-like tendencies, was already on the Baylor residency website to find what this guy looked like.

She found him!

"Is his name Vivek Sahani? I think I do remember meeting that guy!" (Vivek vividly remembered Sonali!)

After that, they went on their first date and the rest was history.

Side facts:

A couple of months before Sonali's big proposal, Vivek told Riddhi "You know you are with the right person when you feel comfortable just being yourself. Sonali makes me feel that way and I have never felt that way for anyone".

Their Wedding Events were all over in USA and in Mexico. This dynamic duo planned everything quickly making sure that everyone who comes to attend their wedding, have a great time.

Here are some of the beautiful Image and Videos for you to enjoy from Their Wedding Celebration.

This Beautiful wedding was planned by Events by Nisar. They did absolutely an amazing job keeping everything on timely schedule and taking care of all the minor details.

The Wedding festivities were at beautiful Hyatt Ziva, Cancun mexico. -A stunning all-inclusive beachfront resort on the most beautiful strip of Punta Cancun, framed by the Caribbean Sea, Hyatt Ziva Cancun is a playful family escape on Mexico’s Yucatan Coast.

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