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Jiger and Ami met on DilMil - Photoshoot at Princeton University

Jiger and Ami met on DilMil on December 8, 2015.

Ami was about to delete the app when Jiger sent her a message.

What started out as casual conversations eventually led to their first meeting at Panera Bread.

Despite Ami being late 2 hours, Jiger waited for her.

Ami knew he was a keeper from day 1 and was even more certain after their first meeting.

They met up a couple more times and realized their relationship was heading towards a beautiful journey.

Once Jiger and Ami's families met and gave them their blessings,

Jiger proposed to Ami at the Rockefeller Center on December 10, 2016.

Team Fine Art Production is very excited to capture their wedding events this June!

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