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Neha & Hemang Pleasing Pre-Wedding Photo shoot

We are happy to share another fun fall portrait session with a lovely couple in Loews Portofino Bay, Orlando, truly a favorite place for pre-wedding shoots. The romantic couple's story began with a surprise proposal by Hemang.

Neha & Hemang were going on a mini getaway to Punta Cana to celebrate the first year of residency of Hemang.

He wanted to walk on the beach as the sun was setting. They already made dinner reservations at a restaurant and needed to hurry. As they were walking down the beach enjoying the scene, Hemang kept loitering and was walking to an area of the beach that wasn't part of the resort! Neha kept telling him they will be late for dinner and that they needed to turn back around. Out of nowhere he asked her if she was ready to deal with him forever. Deal with him making me late for dinner? Sure, she thought. Next thing she realized, he was fidgeting something out of his pocket and down on one knee! In a shell shaped case, she saw a ring sparkling just perfectly in the sunlight. He said all nice things about her, but of course she couldn't focus on anything but the ring. He asked, she said yes, and the rest is history.

And when she turned around a photographer popped out from behind the huts – he had been documenting the whole thing!

She again reminded Hemang that they were going to be late for the dinner reservation. On the walk back she saw a table setup with candles and rose petals on the sand. As she walked by it, Hemang slowed down. She told him to keep walking, and that they were ruining someone's candlelight dinner on the beach. He just laughed at her and pulled the chair out for her to sit on. And then the story began.

The spark of Romance went on & on...

Back to back take a look at the Photos of the Romantic Couple.

It was a pleasure working with Neha & Hemang. This location is also beautiful for Pre-wedding photography so we highly recommend to everyone. Both Neha & Hemang make a great couple and they were really great together in front of the camera. We are super excited to captures their upcoming memories of Wedding this September!

Stay Tuned!

Love, Chirali & Amish Thakkar

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