Payal & Pranjal - Unique Indian Wedding at Somerset Palace New Jersey by Fine Art Production

Fine Art Production is again back with a Big Fat Indian Wedding of the gorgeous couple Payal & Pranjal.

A wedding is one of the biggest things a person will ever experience, and the traditions around this event vary significantly for the world’s different cultures. Here, we celebrate the wedding of Payal and Pranjal @Somerset Palace New Jersey in the Indian way!

Be sure to check out this sneak peak by Fine Art Production!

When we first met

When we met for the first time five years ago, Pranjal didn’t even say hi to me. It wasn’t until a year later that we met again in Atlantic City with friends and our love story began. I still remember what I was wearing to this day: Black leggings, black top, purple blazer and brand new white heels that Pranjal fell head over heels for! (That is why we included the heels in our engagement shoot). After that, he would always flirt with me but I was in denial. After few months of courtships I caved in to his sweet antics and rest is history.