Vinita & Shawn's Adorable Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

It was a beautiful afternoon and we loved spending time with these gorgeous people. It was quite clear they adore each other and they were so easy to work with. Spending time with gorgeous couples, is such a bonus in what we do.

Vinita & Shawn choose Gaylord Palms for their Pre-Wedding and we are happy to provide them some beautiful life long memories. Their story began with a surprise proposal.

In their own words:

Back in October, Vinita and I started making plans to spend Christmas with her parents in New Jersey. I knew that Vinita would appreciate being able to celebrate our engagement with her family, so I decided that would be the perfect time to pop the question! When Vinita suggested we should make a day-trip to New York while we were in Jersey for the holidays, plans started falling in place.

I didn’t want to risk Vinita noticing a bulging ring box in my pocket, so I decided to make a personalized slim box that held the ring snugly. I designed and engineered a wooden box with her name engraved on it and had everything planned out, except for the proposal location. I knew that if I suggested what we do in the city that Vinita knows best, she would suspect that something was going on. So instead, I wanted to let her run the show while I could wait for the perfect moment.

On December 26th Vinita and I decided to brave the cold and hopped on a train to New York. We wandered around seeing the touristy sites, had a wonderful taco lunch, and eventually reached Washington Square Park. I knew that Vinita had many memories there from her days at NYU, so I thought that it would be an ideal location to propose! However, on the other side of the fountain, I noticed another couple hugging and chatting with a photographer not far away - the dude was about to propose!

We then made our way over to Rockefeller Center where I assumed we could wander to the big Christmas Tree. However, the entire area was extremely swamped because of the Christmas holiday rush, so getting near the tree was out of the question.