Yesha & Ankit's Romantic Love Story @Sheraton Mahwah

Their story began 10 years ago in October of 2007 when they first met at Garba.

After their first memorable encounter, they maintained daily conversations and were able to see each other when hanging out amongst mutual friends. They started to realize how much they had in common and how much they differed over the years. Nonetheless, their friendship quickly grew and turned into weekly visits.

In April of 2008, Ankit finally asked Yesha to be his girlfriend by taking her on a romantic date to a revolving restaurant in Times Square. After dinner, he presented her with a goldfish in a small fish tank and said to her, "You're the only fish in the sea for me." The two have been inseparable. Despite attending schools in different states and countries, they traveled miles to see each other - a testament of their bond, level of commitment and love for each other.